Blues are Back!

Finally, the NHL lockout is finally over.  After months of talks between the owners and the NHLPA, the two sides have finally come to a deal ending the lockout that had been in effect since Sep. 15.  The new agreement lasts for ten years and should end the possibility of another lockout anytime soon.             …

John Burke comes to talk about Guns ‘n’ Hoses

Everybody has good ideas. But every once in awhile an idea comes along that goes above and beyond expectations. When John Burke, former St. Louis Police Lieutenant, and a group of a men, came up with an idea for a boxing event, they had no idea the potential it had. Burke’s team included then current…

Orioles Executive shares experience

“Ability can always get you to the top. But character can help you stay there.” Lee Thomas, current assistant general manager for Baltimore Orioles, said that about his career in baseball. Thomas has experience at almost every level of baseball. He played for six Major League teams from 1961-1968. He has been selected to an…

Rick Zombo Profile

            Experience is invaluable.  Rick Zombo, the head coach for the Lindenwood University men’s ice hockey team, has plenty of experience.              Zombo played hockey in college for the University of North Dakota.  He played three seasons for the Fighting Sioux, including one NCAA National Championship, and then decided it was…

Referee Story

You never know the value of someone or something till it’s gone. That’s how the NFL felt for the first three weeks of the current season. The NFL and the NFLRA (NFL Referees Association) couldn’t come to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement before the season began, so the league started with replacement officials….

Mike Veeck Story

Fun. Creative. Unorthodox. Successful. Those are all words that describe businessman and sports enthusiast Mike Veeck. Veeck came to Lindenwood University this past week to talk to a group of students about his life and career as an owner of several minor league baseball teams. Veeck comes from a baseball family. His grandfather, William Veeck…

Sports Journalism: An oxymoron?

                My opinion on whether sports journalism is an oxymoron is simple.  I say no.  To say that sports journalism is an oxymoron is to say that sports and journalism are opposites.              I wholeheartedly feel like sports is just as much news as anything else.  I feel like news is defined as…

Sports Equipment Fundraiser Huge Success!

I wanted to thank everyone again who donated. It makes me happy to have a ton of stuff to take up to give to goodwill. I had a really fun time promoting it and doing the whole thing. Thanks again!

End of the Sports Equipment Fundraiser!

Thank you for all those who donated to the Equipment Fundraiser. There was so much good stuff donated. Everything that was donated will go to a good home where people will appreciate it. Thanks again!

Two More Days!!

This Wednesday, May 2nd, will be the last day I will be taking donations for the equipment drive I’m holding. If you have anything you would like to turn in during these last few days, email me with any last minute questions at Thanks!!

Sports Equipment Fundraiser Continues

Due to a few requests I will be extending the time frame that I am accepting donations to Wednesday 5/2. Email me with any last minute questions at Thanks!!