My opinion on the Syria situatioin

For this assignment, I decided to try to wait till the last minute to do it.  My reasoning for this was to make sure no new information about the Syria situation presented itself.  Boy I am glad I did that.

According to an article on, Syria has “agreed” to surrender their chemical weapons supply to Russia, and subsequently have them under international control.  President Barack Obama says that this would be a huge step in the situation and could potentially make it not necessary to pursue a military strike.

For me, this is a huge relief.  In my opinion, any action in Syria would be a huge mistake.  According to several articles on Fox News and the Washington Post, one of Syria’s biggest allies is Russia.  Whether our ties with Russia are strained or in good faith, I think it’s a bad idea to cross them.

I feel like there are a lot of issues in our own country that President Obama needs to address before he goes interfering in other countries.  Whether or not you think the United States needs to “flex its muscle” is irrelevant.  This isn’t a pissing contest; it’s something that could potentially lead to another unnecessary war.

Regardless of whether I agree with President Obama on the Syria strike, I think it was a good idea to go to Congress first instead of bypassing them.  It shows he still has respect for the system in my eyes.

Hopefully, with the new information that Syria’s President Assad and the rest of his government officials have agreed to hand over their chemical weapon supply, a strike can be avoided.  The last thing we need right now is another costly war.


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