Fast and Furious 6: Movie Review



“The Fast and The Furious”, a movie franchise that most people know well.  After five different installments, the Fast and Furious movies have come out with another film, “Fast and Furious 6.” 

            With it’s anticipated debut on Memorial Day weekend, “Fast 6” had a lot to live up too by matching the action and suspense of the other movies in the franchise.

            Bringing back most of it’s usual stars: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, and even The Rock, “Fast 6” brings lots of new twists and adventure to all the characters everyone had grown accustom too. 

            The movie definitely follows suit with the other five films in one category:  fast cars.  “Fast 6” director, Justin Lin, made sure to bring back everything all his fans loved.  Car chases, intense action scenes, and even a few good fight scenes. 

            The movie takes place after the conclusion of its predecessor “Fast 5.”  It shows how all the characters progressed in their lives after the last movie. 

            “Fast 6” also brings a new set of challenges for the crew.  It brings a new type of enemy they have never seen.  It brings a new enemy they didn’t expect.  And it brings new allies as well. 

            Another thing that “Fast 6” does is bring the whole storyline full circle.  After “Fast and Furious:  Tokyo Drift” was released the timeline of events was off and some viewers were confused. 

            “Fast 6” makes sure no one is confused anymore.  It connects all the lines between all the movies and makes sure you understand the timeline of events much better. 

            Overall, “Fast and Furious 6” is a must see.  It has everything all of the Fast and Furious fans have grown to love: fast cars, lots of action, and beautiful women.  Any true fan of the Fast and Furious movie series will be expected to see this one.  


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