Snow Fall: Blog Post #1

5605213905_a7124c8f23First, I want to say that this was easily one of the best and most well written stories I’ve ever read. When I first looked at it I realized the length and almost dreaded starting it. But once I got started it just rolled along so quickly.
What blew me away about his piece was the enormity of the story and all of its details. The way it was written gave great insight to what actually happened.
One thing I noticed was how the story itself was structured. It started with an excerpt from Elyse Saugstad, one of the skiers. It detailed what was going through her mind after this avalanche had hit. But after that it almost started the story over and worked its way back to that moment.
I think that this story basically sums up the semester so far in Online Journalism. It shows that you have to be creative with your story. It also shows that adding multimedia gives the story a whole different dimension.
The multimedia in this story was awesome. The different videos, photos, and graphics made it much easier to follow and understand. The thing I liked the most was in the “Decent” part it showed pictures and names of all the members of the group, and gave perspective on who all was in the group and make it easy to identify each person.
This story is inspiring to me as a student journalist for several reasons. First, I can only hope to get a story like this in my lifetime. The emotion that I felt in this story was crazy. It was a story that not only told a story, but also gave background on the location and other details of the background.
Second, I feel like this is something I want to now work towards. Getting a story of this magnitude and having all the multimedia is something I wish for my own work. This makes me want to experiment with different kinds of multimedia and also work on getting more creative with the layout of my stories.
As a reader, I thought the story was really well written. I thought that the media that the writer used made a different dimension of the story and helped me understand what was going on better.
Also, I thought that the best thing about how the story was written was how the internal timeline of the story worked. It bounced around, which kind of confused me at first, but once I realized how the events were playing out…I totally grasped it and appreciated it.
Overall, this story was very powerful. To see what went on in all these people’s minds, and how they reacted to such horrifying events, put things in perspective.
The hardest part for me, was reading the reaction of the loved ones after the avalanche has happened. I can only imagine what went through their minds as they found out the people they had seen that morning weren’t coming home.


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