Referee Story

You never know the value of someone or something till it’s gone. That’s how the NFL felt for the first three weeks of the current season.
The NFL and the NFLRA (NFL Referees Association) couldn’t come to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement before the season began, so the league started with replacement officials.
The replacement officials ranged from several with Division II all the way down to junior-high.
Even the commissioner of the Lingerie Football League, Mitch Mortaza, commented that the standards for replacement officials were way too low.
“It was a bit of a shock to see guys that couldn’t officiate in our league were officiating in the NFL,” said Mortaza, in an interview with Yahoo.
Lindenwood students weighed in on what they though of the job the replacements were doing over the first three weeks of the season.
“I feel like they are making the game embarrassing. They have no control, and seem to make 10 wrong calls a game,” said junior Chris Byers.
Under watch of the replacement officials the games across the league had gotten much physical. More fights were breaking out during the game, many more as compared to last season with the real officials, and some teams even accused other teams of taking more cheap shots than normal.
When the St. Louis Rams beat the Washington Redskins 31-28 this past week, both teams accused the other of playing dirty.
Robert Griffin III said the Rams defensive lineman were taking cheap shots at him when he scrambled. Also, Redskins defensive players mentioned offensive lineman for the Rams were going low on blocks.
“As a Rams fan, I thought the refs did a terrible job getting the game under control. It seemed like they were trying to hurt our players,” said Megan Baker, another student.
Earlier this week on Monday Night Football, the replacement officials finally did exactly what the NFL promised wouldn’t happen. The officials affected the outcome of the Packers vs. Seahawks game.
The inexperience of the officials showed when indecision and confusion echoed throughout Seattle. A last second Hail Mary pass to the end zone caused both officials to make different calls and cause stadium wide confusion.
Several days after the “Fail Mary,” as it has been named, in Seattle, the NFL and NFLRA finally came to an agreement. Fans and players alike took to Twitter showing their satisfaction.
“Woke up to find out the new refs are back! I’ve never been excited about refs before I think I might give the first one I see a bear hug haha,” tweeted Ravens wide out Torrey Smith.
Lindenwood students were also glad to see the real officials back.
“Maybe now the game can get back to the way it should be,” said Kristin Diering, a senior. “I think the NFL finally realized they was losing integrity by keeping the replacement refs.”
The real NFL officials are scheduled to be back on the field for all of this weekend’s games.


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